Make Your Own Dreamcatcher

What you'll need

You'll need, embroidery thread, twine, feathers, beads, ribbon, willow branches, and any other charms you would like to add.
You'll alsoe want to have scissors, cutting pliers, flat head pliers, and small metal clamps.

Lets get started!

For the willow branches, if you have access to a willow tree you can just trim off a couple of small branches, but if you don't you can use an embrordery hoop.
The first step is too take off the leaves, they come off very easily.
Form the branch into a circle, over lap it and twist it around itself. Make sure you have fairly fresh branches for this, if they've been off the tree for very long they'll brake too easily.
Wrap your twine around it to secure it like so.
Tie the two ends of twine together at the end.
Tie your embroidery thread to the willow branch hoop and pull it across to about a seventh of the way around the circle.
Then wrap the thread around the branch and pull it up through the space you've made between the thread and the branch.
Then pull tight and repeat the step till you get to where you first tied the thread. Try too keep each stitch as close in size to each other as you can.
Once you get back to where you started you do the same thing but instead off wrapping the thread around the hoop you wrap it around the thread from the last time around.
Keep repeating around the hoop.
Once you've got to the middle of the hoop and can't repeat the stitch any more you can put a bead on the thread to give it a more finished looked.
Tie the thread to one of the previous stitches and cut off the excess thread.
Add feathers, ribbons, charms, beads, tassels, or whatever you would like to hang from your dreamcatcher.
Tie them to the hoop and add a ribbon at the top of the hoop to hang your dreamcatcher from.
And you're all finished!